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Hot Rihanna Twerking

Like Nicki Minaj Rihanna is also famous for her music, videos and performances. She has worked together with the most famous stars all around the planet. DJ’s have remixed her songs and she may be the most famous female artist of this century. She really knows what she is doing when comes to making hits and man does she make hits. Her latest track with Eminem jumped of the roof and went for platinum all by itself. Right now Rihanna is hot and I don’t think Jay-z will let her be less hot for the time being. He found her on the streets and took her the top. This is always amazing when it happens, the same happened to a lot of artist on his label. A few examples are Beyonce and Kanye West. The video that we posted below shows The artist Rihanna on one of her live performances and I must say she gives some great shows. It shows that she just doesn’t care, wearing a hot leather suite and dancing like there is no tomorrow. Some people may think that she is just doing it for the money. But if you look at this video you can see that she is not only doing this for money but also doing this for pure fun. I love how this black girl loves loving to do this. So much love to her. I just love her Twerking, or doing any other dance that turns me on! Laughing

Rihanna Lap Dance

Rihanna Hot Gossip

A lot of gossip has gone around about the Hot Rihanna, some true and some false. A lot is of course hyped by the media and they always try to find new hot items about her. Most of all is that we see a girl that loves life just doing what she loves to do best. And that is enjoying life and not giving a flying fluke about what other people think. Even though a lot of people are not amused by her behaviour i doesn’t show in the sales of her records and recordings. So it seems that most people don’t even care about her behaviour. I think an artist or anybody should do as they please even if the majority frowns upon such things.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Many people think that Rihanna has undergone plastic surgery, while she denies that she undergone any for of plastic surgery. I an interview she had with a popular magazine called lifestyle, she stated that she didn’t done any plastic or cosmetic surgery. The reason for this is that she loves the natural look, but she loves to wear make up because this can bring out the natural beauty of a person. Even her personal doctor stated that he never had approved such surgery. Even though the information he has is confident and he has been offered a huge sum to reveal any surgery secrets. He never did and all the gossip is still not justified.

Sexy Rihanna Images

Rihanna Hot Photo

Rihanna twerking on a fan

Rihanna hot pics

Rihanna Hot Twerk on a Fan video

Image of Rihanna

Rihanna Nose job

Rihanna Nose JobA lot of people and interviewers have asked her the question if she had a nose job to become even more beautiful. Al these claims weren’t verified by Rihanna and she was super surprised why people thought that she had undergone a nose job. But after this gossip came to life people started to investigate the issue and compared photo’s and images. People started to comment on this rhinoplasty gossip and different conclusions where made. Look at the picture yourself and you be the judge. We hope that she has a wonderful life and many more years of success. All the best to you hot Rihanna.

Nicki Minaj Twerking Hot Scene WOW!



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