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Hot Nicki Minaj Twerking now and forever. Some may say that twerking is so last year, others may say it’s what we are doing right now. But the numbers don’t lie! Just check your facebook: how many times do you see somebody upload their status showing you how these black girls twerking it. By some reason some say Mily Cyrus made it popular. We all know that this dance already existed long time before people started to notice right guys! Just to mention the twerk move “the clapper”. This dance style is not just going to disappear like that. Besides Mily, Nicki Minaj really knows how to Twerk and she has the right body for it to. The dance really needs some body for it to explode on your iris and eyes. A lot of people do not like this type of dance and really think that it’s no dance. I think these people also think that rapping and hip-hop is no music to. Well if we go on that route then dance music is no music to because it uses the same principles as hip-hop. Well anyway lets get to miss Minaj. Minaj really made a big career in the popular music section. Having hip-hop as influence and blending it with dance music she really gets it in where it’s needed. We all love a self confident woman who knows what she is doing. Like ebony Rihanna this black girl planned her way up to the top by meditation and just knowing what she wanted out of life.

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I saw her on the Oprah show and she really is nice and sweet girl, sometimes you get fed up with these actresses and female artists. Some of them really think that they are all that, but they forget that they come from the same place as you and I. And that’s from the bottom, but you got to start somewhere. Hot Nicki Minaj has some comments white girls twerking or even trying to twerk. She thinks it’s nonsense and quotes the following on the Ellen show. Ellen says that Minaj must have been dancing like that for a long time while no one in the world said anything about. But when a white girl like Miley does the world goes nuts and loco about it. Nicki says when a white girl acts black or does something of our culture, automatically black people think she is embracing the culture. And because she is doing something black white people be like: oow she is cool because she is dancing some black culture moves. But that’s how it’s works, it’s kind of weird and sad at the same time. It’s better that people embrace it then people ignoring that it exists. On the other hand if a black female does something black it’s not all that special, maybe I should do some white stuff and my sales might pop off. Nicki Minaj

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It’s a fact that Minaj does some crazy things with her hair like bleaching it and painting it all kind of weird colours. With her lipstick it’s the same thing. But you gotta love it! She admits that she just doesn’t care about such things and what people may think about it. I hope that her hair just doesn’t fall of because she is one fine lady to look at. All the best to miss Nicki and her future career, for know you can look at the Image below to know what I’m talking about. Nicki Minaj ass

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