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  • Twerking Butterflies

    Twerking Butterflies

  • Mapouka Dance Videos | Mapouka Booty Dance

    Mapouka Dance Videos | Mapouka Booty Dance

    Mapouka Dance Mapouka is also called Macouka. From its beginning, Mapouka was generally being carried out when some religious ceremonies grandly coordinated and were being conducted. Slowly, this dance got a broader endorsement and got its origins extensively disperse to other areas like western states and Sub Saharan states and using its high popularity this dancing eventually leaded right into a unique dancing classification where distinct Mapouka competitions, Mapouka shows and Mapouka music was being routinely ran regarding this as […]

  • Latina Twerking in the BathTub

    Latina Twerking in the BathTub

    Latina Twerk In Bathtub Watch this beautiful latina bathing in her bath tub. She lathered herself with bath foam and finds it difficult to sit still. She tries to seduce the public with her sexy twerk act performance. I wonder what goes on in her head, to do something like this. But I’m not complaining. She has this beautiful peachy soft skin which shines through the water and foam. And as icing on the cake a beautiful pink pants. It’s […]

  • Twerk Out Fitness | Lex Work Out

    Twerk Out Fitness | Lex Work Out

    Twerk Out Master Revolutionizes The Twerk. Twerk Master Jay Conn instructs the twerk out Fitness. A 22 year old started C.O.D.E. Jay Fitness, where he specializes in twerking as a kind of dancing fitness. John Partipilo / The Tennessean. In East Nashville on Monday nights in there is a room packed with girls dancing to So Good- Sean Paul’s new hit. The music is so loud the window were rattling because of the sound of the bass.There is always someone […]

  • Ebony Twerk Videos | Shiny Butt

    Ebony Twerk Videos | Shiny Butt

     Ebony Twerking Sexy Hey I really love this ebony doing some twerking moves on a massage table. She wears super nice pink sweat jeans with the bums exposed just like displayed in the pic that you can see below. The thing that she does is stretching and i think she is some kind of stretch position the whole day. At least I like to fantasize that she is. Never the less, look at her pink hair matching the pink sweat […]

  • Hot girls twerking | The hottest girls twerk

    Hot girls twerking | The hottest girls twerk

    Hot Twerking Girls in the Room These three young girls are just amazing. They are trying to do the twerking dance in the house bedroom. You gotta love that! Don’t be bothered and don’t be discussed as you know you are loving it every moment! Just look at the photo’s that we uploaded for you today. You can see that we have some juicy steaks served up on the dinner table. The three lady’s brought the cutlery and thus this […]

  • Two Girls Booty Shaking Video

    Two Girls Booty Shaking Video

    Girls Booty Shake In Video as Duo Two lovely girls doing some shaking action on the camera. Booty Shake has been an ongoing thing and will always be one in my opinion. What do you think of these two girls. I love the i-net and them! And as we thank lets discuss this Duo. They are wearing some spicy clothes, or barely. One in white and blue and the other one in yellow and white I think. Because the bums […]

  • Twerking Video | British Championships Twerking Videos

    Twerking Video | British Championships Twerking Videos

    Twerking Video – We were at the British Championships Twerking was once an obscure sexy dance that you rarely hear in Dirty South rap. Justin Timberlake called it ‘SexyBack’ in his monster Twerking Video hit, but it could be easy misheard as “show me what you’re working with.” That changed when a young American Disney pop star clearly showed that it was not about work, but about her ass. Rubbing her butt strongly against Robin Thicke. Social media, magazines, opinion […]

  • Big Booty Shake Girl Hot Dancing

    Big Booty Shake Girl Hot Dancing

    Booty Shake | Girl Dancing Video If you love your woman you might love em doing a Booty Shake. And this girl got a good booty, at least that is what I think about it. Feel free to watch the video below and check out the pictures if you like. You might also love Some: Ass shaking white girl videos by clicking on it! Do your thing my friend! And as you do your thing check out the body on […]

  • Twerk | Twerk Compilation Videos

    Twerk | Twerk Compilation Videos

    Twerk Yes here we go again, another awesome page full of the twerk dancing Hotties that we love so much. Praise be with them as they upload their videos and Compilations on to the web. A great man once said: for whom that twerks, must twerks for whom that loves. That great man is a fiction but you get the idea don’t you! So today we have compiled some top notch pictures and Twerking Videos for you to enjoy. Don’t […]

  • Twerking Videos | What is Twerking

    Twerking Videos | What is Twerking

    Twerking The Definition of Twerking is to dance and sway the hips and buttocks from left to right and from up to down. Even using inner strength to let the two butt cheeks wobble and shake like there is no tomorrow. All men love girls twerking? That can be an assumption one could make. But not only men, woman love this sexy dance as well. Sexy momma Miley Cyrus made this dance famous, although it was already in construction by […]

  • Girls Lap Dancing Videos

    Girls Lap Dancing Videos

     Girls Lap Dancing Check out these Girls Lap Dancing videos of Latin origin. Its always nice to see girls from South-America doing what they love most. I would love to have a lap dance from one of these girls below. These girls from Colombia, Puerto Rica and Brazil are just amazing. Check out these Pictures and videos below and let me know what you think of them.. Holla Lap Dancing Girls Girls Lap Dancing Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

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